How to Clean Your Bedroom Closet

Organize Bedroom Closet

Nothing is as satisfying as having a neat and well-organized bedroom closet, where you don’t have to waste your time scanning through looking for what outfit to put on. However, it doesn’t always come that easy to some of us, you may have to take the time to make it happen. Below are tips to follow that will help you deep clean your bedroom closet.

Put on Some Music: Play your favorite music while cleaning, it keeps your spirit high. Certainly, I will highly recommend Cambria’s playlist, though it was for kitchen cleaning, it can still serve that purpose.

Take everything out of the closet: Those clothes deep down can easily be ignored if not completely cleared. Dump the clothes on the bed.

Clean your closet: Rub the wall with a damp soft clean cloth, afterward, clean the floor with a vacuum. Also, you can make the closet look even better by giving it a fresh coat of paint. You can decorate it to your taste. This is also the right time to replace any moth infected cedar to help protect your best wears.

Start the streamlining process: Before adding anything back, ensure you put away old, ragged, beyond repair clothes into the donation box. Your closet will look shabby in no time if you put back anything you won’t need. For clothes you won’t use, they can be sold or donated. Below are some questions that can help out with the selection.

  • Is this cloth in good shape? If no don’t put back
  • Is it my size? You might have grown fat and the cloth is now undersize so, let it go.

Put the things you need back: outfits that always get compliments, makes you feel stylish etc. deserves to go back into the closet first. If you have new clothes that you have been using not the ones you have not won since you bought them, then hang them back into the closet also.

Try everything else on before putting it back in your closet: most of us have clothes we don’t use that has been in our closet for long; just occupying space. They make our closet clumsy that it becomes difficult to locate our good clothes. Because of that, we feel sometimes as if we have nothing to wear. Try them on and ask yourself some serious questions before putting them back. You can use the mirror to check if it fits you or not.

Benefits of Cleaning Out Your Closet

You’ll free up space for new, better things: after deep cleaning your closet, one of the evidence you will see is enough physical space for new items. You now have the freedom to get amazing, better and important things into these spaces.

A streamlined closet saves time: an outfit that would have taken you forever to find can now be found in a short time. You can save minutes and hours cumulatively when your closet is organized, clean etc. finding clothes won’t have to be a fight between you and your cloth.

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