How and When to Clean Your Washing Machine

Clean Washing machine

Regular cleaning of the washing machine helps in keeping its good look and performing at its best. That way your clothes will also look great. Cleaning the washing machine is a very simple and easy task to do if you know how to do it properly. Good news is that when you buy the washing machine it also comes with a simple guide of how and when to clean it in order for it to function properly. The following are some advice about how you can clean your washing machine and how often you should do it.

Tips to Clean Your Washing Machine:

Clean the Washing Machine Door

If you want to remove dirt or soapy film that have build up on the lid of the washing machine you can use a natural mix of vinegar and baking soda. Just rub the dirt and film and they will immediately go down. This is a very easy and efficient way of cleaning which you can do often depending on how much dirt has built up on the corners of the lid.

Clean the Washing Machine Tub

Next way of cleaning the washing machine is using four cups of distilled vinegar and hot water. Fill the washer with hot water for the largest washing size and check out whether the pipes are properly connected. If you add a few cups of distilled vinegar or lemon juice you can also clean the machine properly. Let the washing machine run through the entire cycle in the same way like you are washing a full load of clothes.

Clean the Soap Dispenser and Rims

You should also clean the washing machine if you notice a strong, bad smell. If that is the case, then you first must take out the container of the textile softener and soak it in a hot water with added detergent. In order to clean the bleach dispenser, you can use soft paper towels, q-tips, toothbrush, or spray cleaners. Many people often forget the top rim of the wash bucket, but it should also be cleaned with a mild soap and water as soon as you see it got dirty.

Dry the Inside of the Washing Machine

There is another great way of keeping the washing machine clean, although many people often neglect it. In order to keep it clean and in good condition, clean the washing machine right after each use. This is very simple, all you need to do is use a dry cloth to wipe the inside of the tub, door, and liner. This will prevent mold and mildew growth by keeping the washing machine dry. Another way to prevent mold and mildew growth is to leave the washer door open after you are done using it so it can dry out.

Replace the Water Hose

Many of the reputable washing machine manufacturers are suggesting you replace the water hoses once every five years. This is if they are used normally, but if you see that any one of them is leaking then you should replace them immediately. Replacing hoses every five years is a good cleaning and maintenance practice, and do not forget to inspect them for any kind of weakness or a leak on a regular basis. If you notice any damage or if hoses are clogged, then stop using the machine until you clean or repair the hose. That way you will not only save money, but you will also extend the life of your washing machine.

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The Importance of Using Doormats, Not Just for Greeting Your Guests

Using Doormats

Almost every time you walk into a business establishment you step across one. When visiting neighbors, friends, or loved ones, you’ve likely stood outside the door after ringing the bell and looked down upon the friendly and familiar “Welcome” mat under your feet. But do you know why using doormats are so important, aside from being the first greeting visitors receive?

There are many reasons why using doormats is essential for every home. The most obvious one is that they keep your floors clean. They serve other important purposes such as helping to prevent slips and falls, removing dirt and debris from footwear (or paws if you have pets), and even serve the function of adding an aesthetic appeal to your home.

The Reasons You Should Be Using Doormats:

Personalize Your Entrances

Today, personalized doormats have become increasingly popular, and many businesses choose to use them as a business card of sorts, while homeowners show their individual personality with a doormat adorned with the logo of their favorite sports team, or other quips that give visitors some insight into the homeowner’s character.


A good doormat is one that is durable and able to take a few licks while standing up to the weather. There are generally two main types of doormats that are most commonly used. The first is the kind of mat that is designed specifically to remove large clumps of dirt or mud. These mats employ rigid tufts that scrape the soles of a person’s shoes while they are walking or intentionally rubbing their feet back and forth across the mat.

The second variety of doormat is the finishing, or wiper style. These mats are designed using a flat layer of matting material that catches sand, dust, and moisture from the feet of people passing over it.

Protects Flooring 

Both types of mats, when made with quality materials utilize a rubber backing to prevent moisture seeping through onto the surface beneath. You may have noticed that some people use doormats outside their entryway and others who use them inside. There are people who use both, in addition to scattering more doormats throughout their home to serve other purposes.

Other uses for doormats can include:

  • Protecting flooring from spills under pet’s food and water dishes
  • A place to leave especially dirty or greasy work boots
  • Protecting high traffic areas such as thresholds of doorways and the seams between carpeting and hard flooring
  • Skid proofing otherwise slippery floor surfaces

When used in these locations, and regularly cleaned as any other part of the home, doormats help preserve the life cycle of both carpet and hard flooring materials. By catching and removing grime and dirt from the feet of occupants and visitors, the wear and tear from the physical act of cleaning and the use of cleaning chemicals on the floors inside are reduced. In the long run, this saves homeowners money by not having to replace stained, soiled, or worn out floor coverings as often.

Doormats are taken for granted and often go overlooked, but they are an important part of keeping your home clean, safe, and well-maintained throughout the years.

For more information about keeping your home clean and healthy check out our blog on the importance of taking off your shoes indoors.

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Pros and Cons of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Thanks to the development in technology, there are now thousands of cordless vacuum cleaners on the market, under different brand names, specs, and models. The days of the big and heavy vacuum cleaners that are always tethered to the wall is passing away. The cordless vacuum cleaners offer a wide range of benefits and as such, they have become quite popular and are being used in many homes.

The fact that these vacuum cleaners are very popular and there are different models of them on the market have made it kind of difficult to select the right one that will be suitable for one’s need. Each product has its own advantages, therefore settling for a general idea of the product you want to purchase is better. After all, the most important thing is that the product matches what you need it for.

Considering the pros and cons of the cordless vacuum cleaners before purchasing one will help you decide whether they are suitable for your needs or not. Therefore, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of cordless vacuums so you’ll be equipped with better information and will be able to make a better decision when buying your next vacuum cleaner.

Pros of the Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

They Have Good Suction Power

A lot of people have come up with the wrongful assumption that the cordless vacuum cleaning machines are not as powerful and effective as the original types. But in reality, the cordless vacuum cleaners being made these days come with great suction power; although it all depends on the brand. As long as you charge your cordless vacuum cleaner, you are bound to get great suction power that will pick up your dirt just as well as a conventional vacuum cleaner.

They are Lightweight

Cordless vacuum cleaners are structured to be lightweight and compact. Moving them will give you no hassle. You can lift them up and down the stairs easily. They are also designed for mobility as there is no cord to fix them to a spot. This advantage allows you to vacuum extreme places that a wired vacuum cleaner can’t go.

They Can Be Taken Outside

Since these vacuum types are lightweight, without cords, and they come in easy-to-use shapes, you can take them outside and use them on the interior of your vehicle.

Easy to Maintain

Another big advantage of the cordless vacuum cleaners is that they are easy to maintain. The dust compartments are easy to clean out, and every other maintenance tasks are easy to carry out. All of the parts are easy to handle since they are lightweight.


Cordless vacuum cleaners are practically affordable. This also depends on the brand but the fact still remains that they are comparable in price to standard vacuum cleaners.

No Cord To Hold Your Cleaning Back

Cordless vacuum cleaners come with batteries instead of the cord. This allows you the advantage of moving your vacuum cleaner from room to room without having to worry about plugging, unplugging, and re-plugging every now and then.

Cons of the Vacuum Cleaner

The only con about the cordless vacuum cleaner is that the battery may run out during usage, but that is if it’s not properly charged. This might also become an issue if you have a large space to clean. You may have to recharge your cleaner several times.

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Should You Take Off Your Shoes Indoors?

Remove Your Shoes Indoors

The importance of taking your shoes off indoors is more than just keeping your home looking clean it is important to your health also.

Do you have the habit of wearing your shoes indoors? Maybe after returning home from a long day of work or the nearby grocery store? Well, if you do, we recommend you join us as we expand more on why it’s a habit you need to break.

Now the thing is you’re not alone on this as it happens to be so popular in the United States and most times, visitors also come into the house with shoes attached to their feet. In most cases, stepping into the house with your shoes on might seem OK, but it’s not.

The Importance of Taking Your Shoes Off Indoors:


One of the primary importance of taking off your shoes indoors is that you’ll spend less time cleaning the house. It’s a no-brainer to know that shoes bring in dust and dirt into the house, and this means you’ll have to clean the house on a regular basis.

So how about keeping the shoes out for a change, that’s going to reduce your workload and the home will be cleaner. It’s more of a win-win situation.

Keeps Bacteria Out

It’s pretty obvious to know that your shoes are more likely to be a hot spot for bacteria. Taking off your sneakers is crucial because your shoes pick up those nasty bacteria which are inadvertently spread about the home. Now that’s yucky!

A study at Arizona extracted germs and microbes on footwear, and the researchers discovered up to 421,000 units of bacteria on the outside of the shoe. So, we recommend you save yourself from unnecessary diseases and infection by adopting the proper habit of kicking off your shoes at the door.

Save the Floor from Wear and Tear

The more dirt and grime you track in, the more often you have to clean especially if you have hard floors or carpets. All of these excessive scrubbings on your flooring is sure to lead to more wear and tear on the surface, meaning that you’ll have to replace the damaged floor coverings.

Taking off your shoes indoors means you’ll spend less money on replacing the flooring in your home.

Happy Neighbors

If you happen to live in apartment buildings, kicking off those heels should do a lot of good to the neighbors. No one likes to be disturbed with annoying sound of shoes, so how about you do them a favor and keep the shoes off.

Bad Air Quality

You may not know, but all the dust and toxins you track into your home can affect the air quality.

For instance, the pesticides on your lawn or cleaning chemicals on public floors can be stuck on your sneakers and bringing it into your home will worsen the quality of the air. So, it’s important you kick off those shoes immediately and keep those toxins out.

Happy Feet

Besides all that has been mentioned, taking your shoes off  indoors also gives your feet the chance to feel happy. Irrespective of how comfortable your shoes are, you’ll feel more comfortable kicking them off once you get home and doing this is a healthy habit as you get to stretch, relax and get life back on your feet.

Going barefoot strengthen the muscles of the feet and even reduces the chances of getting flat feet. So, it’s essential you make a change and give your feet a chance to breathe!

So, there you have it. So far we have explored the importance of keeping the heels and sneakers outside the home, and we believe you must have learned why you should adopt this habit.

Taking your shoes off indoors is not only healthy for your home but also for your feet. So, make a change today and join the bandwagon of homes with the “no shoes policy” so your home can be a healthier and cleaner place to live in!

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